Next Level Of Efficiency
Poring over video archives can take up most of your time as a VMS user. Axxon Next, in addition to its user-friendly archive viewer, offers two features that make data search far more convenient. MomentQuest2 forensic search helps to quickly spot video segments by various search criteria such as crossing a virtual line in a user-defined direction or motion in the selected zone of a frame. Time Compressor displays all objects that had been moving in the frame within a set time period. Just click on an object of interest and instantly go to view the corresponding video.


Quickly retrieve relevant footage of events in the archive thanks to the VMDA database that stores metadata such as object size, color and motion direction.

Fine-tune your search with multiple filters: Line Crossing, Motion in the Zone, Motion from One Area to Another, Too Many Objects in the Zone, Loitering etc.

No need to configure detection tools.


Set a time range for video footage and get a short video clip of all moving objects in the scene.

When you spot an object of interest, click to jump to playback of the corresponding video fragment

Next Level Of Usability
Axxon Next is a user-friendly, intuitive system that lets security personnel get started quickly and easily, without needing to learn complicated workflows and procedures. The ergonomic interface ensures excellent usability and makes it easy to access the system's full functionality right away. Axxon Next includes the Interactive 3D Map, which superimposes camera locations on a site map and displays camera views in the same window. This handy viewing mode allows operators to monitor situations without spending time to switch between windows. Operators can instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located on the map and identify the corresponding location of interest.


  • Logically arranged, intuitive interface.
  • Clear 2D/3D view of all cameras at a site.
  • Show/hide camera feeds, names and fields of view, as well as tilt the map for convenience.
  • Easily pinpoint any individual camera or event of interest.

Next Level Of Functionality
AxxonSoft believes that video analytics are a must-have for any modern VMS. That's why Axxon Next features a range of powerful video detection tools absolutely free: motion detection, abandoned object detection, camera tampering and failure detection tools, and six scene analysis tools. Axxon Next also supports video analysis capabilities embedded into IP cameras.


  • Powerful video analytics included.
  • Interactive configuration of video detection tools.
  • Automate flexible system responses to alarms.

Next Level of Performance


  • No data fragmentation problems anymore.
  • Instantly access video footage.
  • Minimize the read/write head movement and extend your HDD lifespan.
  • No index nodes that contain data structure of your storage media.
  • Store your video recordings ever more safely.
  Solid Store                      Standard file system

Next Level Of Reliability


  • Ensure crash-free operation.

  • Independent micro modules handle commands.

  • If a command causes a module to crash, the module is restarted automatically.

  • The system itself remains stable.
Standard architecture             Micro-module architecture
Crash module - crash system     Module crash & restarted

Next Level Of Availability


  • Free 16 channel version: 1 server, 16 cameras, 1 TB archive, video analytics, unlimited number of clients, termless use
  • Flat price list: pay only for each additional channel, functionality is already included
  • Zero maintenance fee: free upgrade, free support