Control Panels

  All online course relating to IDS Alarm control panels are list below.

This is an in depth online training course covering the IDS806 Alarm Panel.

The IDS806 course covers three modules, Sales Features; Hardware & Wiring and Programming. 

The IDS806 Alarm panel is an easy to use and install system that still offers the modern features expected in today's market.

The IDS806 features:

  1. 8 Zones - Wired or Wireless
  2. Plug-on Peripherals
  3. Mobile App for notifications and control

The XGuard is a 6 zone standalone wireless early warning alarm console that is compatible with all XWave detectors.

The XGuard features:

  1. Two levels of arming
    • Chime Mode: sounds the zone number that has been triggered, providing users a quick audible indication of the exact zone number that has been triggered
    • Alarm Mode: activates a 2 minute continuous tone 
  2. Add up to 6 wireless detectors and compatible with the full range of XWave detectors
  3. Comes standard with charger and rechargeable batteries
  4. Two Keeloq transmitter buttons that can be learned to an IDS remote receiver for gate/garage automation
  • This online training course will cover both IDS805 and IDS805s alarm control panels.
  • The online content will explain all locations features and programming value.
  • The exam will include questions on all training sections and you will require 80% or higher receive a course certificate.
  • This online course will focus on the IDS X-Series Range of Alarm Panels.
  • It is a self-taught, self-paced online course and will include the following training;
  • All X-Series Panel hardware features and X-Series bus peripherals supported in panel v2.5x
  • All Installer programming functions of the IDS X-Series control panels in v2.5x
  • All User mode functions including Remote receivers
  • Basics of IDSwift2 upload/download software
  • Note this is an considered an advanced online course. If you are not fimilar with IDS Alarm systems we recommend that you start with the IDS805 Series or the IDS Intrusion Basics training online course(s) if you do not know Intrusion systems at all.
  • The course will include a three exams that cover all training content, you will require a course total of 80% or higher to pass the course and receive a course certificate.