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Do you know that IDS offers free product training at ALL IDS branches around South Africa?
IDS currently runs a national scheduled product training at our three main sale branches, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town
To book for a IDS Branch training course, please select which IDS Branch to attend training at, select a course, choose Join to book.

IP Surveillance

All branch Training on IDS IP surveillance products are with this category.

The IDS IP foundation training focuses on computer IP networking, looking and networking hardware and IP addressing; The following topics will be covered;

    1. What is an IP camera?
    2. Introduction into computer networks;
    3. What is a computer network and common network terms?
    4. Enthernet UTP cabling and criping.
    5. Hubs and switches including POE switches.
    6. Addressing – why do we need address
    7. TCP/IP
      1. What is a TCP/IP?
      2. IP addresses
      3. Network ID & host ID
      4. Private and Public addresses
      5. Overview of commnon IP network services and protocols
      6. Over of Port forwarding and why it is used.
    8. Windows IP tools and general IP network trouble shooting.
    9. An overview of NVRs.

This training focus on the IDS IP camera range, setting them up on and computer network and common menu setting options. It will also look at the IDS embedded NVR.

  1. Overview of the IDS Camera range
    1. Hardware specs
    2. Onvif standard
  2. IDS IP PTZ camera overview
  3. IDS IP camera IP Config tool
  4. IDS IP Camera Menu
    1. Access the IP camera menu
    2. Internet Explorer activeX settings
    3. Resolution and frame rate settings
    4. IP address settings
    5. Detection options and settings
  5. IDS embedded NVR
    1. Hardware specs
    2. Using the POE ports
    3. Finding and adding IP camera
    4. General menu options
    5. Detection menus options
    6. Schedule menu options
    7. Basic networking options
    8. Overview of PSS and mobile Apps
    9. Quick overview of AxxonNext