branch training bookings

Do you know that IDS offers free product training at ALL IDS branches around South Africa?
IDS currently runs a national scheduled product training at our three main sale branches, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town
To book for a IDS Branch training course, please select which IDS Branch to attend training at, select a course, choose Join to book.

Analogue CCTV

This training is will focus on Analogue CCTV installations, including wiring and camera placements. The following topics will be covered;

  • Introduction to what CCTV is.
  • CCTV Cabling including RG59 and UTP type cables.
  • Cabling doings and don’ts.
  • Ground loop isolators.
  • Surge protectors.
  • How to wire/connect surge protectors.
  • An overview of Anologue CCTV camera types.
  • What is a PTZ camera
  • Camera positioning and installation guides.
  • Using of power supplies and cabling distances.
  • DVRs Overview.
    • What is a DVR
    • Common features
    • Installation guides

This CCTV training builds on the basic training and will go into more details on CCTV installations and cameras and DVRs. The Training will including the follow;

  • Lenses, including focal lengths, Depth of focus, back focusing and aperture.
  • The more common IDS camera menu setting/features will be explain;
  • Troubling shooting bad pictures
  • PTZ Cameras and controller, wiring of the RS485 and setting PTZ protocol, ID and baud.

IDS Embedded DVRs

  • Look at frame rate  and resolutions
  • General Config options
  • Detection menus options (motion, video loss and masking)
  • Recording Schedule
  • DVR log and system information
  • Overview of PSS and mobile Apps
  • General trouble shooting tips

IDS PC DVR software

  • PC Hardware requirements
  • Installation of the software
  • Set a recording Hard disk drive
  • Setting up of motion detection options
  • Explain of video matrix setup (video spot out)
  • An overview of text overlay