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Do you know that IDS offers free product training at ALL IDS branches around South Africa?
IDS currently runs a national scheduled product training at our three main sale branches, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town
To book for a IDS Branch training course, please select which IDS Branch to attend training at, select a course, choose Join to book.

Alarm Panels

The IDS 805 series training will cover both the IDS 805 and IDS 805s Alarm control panels highlight the hardware and programming differences. The training outline will be on the follow;

  1. Installer mode programming of all locations, explain each location feature does and the programming options.
  2. All user mode programming will be covered, as well as user code types.
  3. Using a IDS remote receiver and programming users with remotes

*Note that it is recommend the persons attend this training have either passed the IDS Intrusion basic course or have a good undertsanding of Intrusion Alarm systems and wiring.

The X-Series basic training is a introduction to the IDS X-Series firmware v2.7x alarm control panels and will cover the following topics;

IDS X Series hardware;

  • The differences between IDS X16 and IDS X64 Panels.
  • The X-Series Control Panel hardware.
  • The wiring and configuring of the X-Series peripherals including monitored power supply.

The following installer & User programming will be cover in this basic training;

  • X-Series locations types & programming methods.
  • Programming of Zone types.
  • Programming partitions - Basics only
  • Locations for entry/exit times (delays).
  • Programming panels dialler/comms.
  • Changing of installer code and default master code.
  • Adding and deleting of user codes.
  • Allocating user codes to partitions.
  • Adding of remotes to user code – standard method only.
  • Settng of time and date and manual sending of Auto test.

Basic trouble shooting – including alarm memory and event log

Note. This training course will cover features and programming of the X-Series v2.7x which includes features and programming options that are NOT in earlier version of the X-Series Control panels.

This training builds on the X-Series basic training and only goes through the IDS X-Series v2.7x more advanced features. The following features and their locations will be covered; 

  • Explaining of global options
  • Cross zones – What, how and when
  • Forced arming - What, how and when
  • Programming locations for Auto arming – Both time and no moment based.
  • All programming related to Global keypads.
  • Programming of outputs including scheduling of outputs.
  • Technical details on using wireless & wireless trouble shooting
  • Programming of reporting codes.
  • Programming of Custom Zone reporting codes.
  • The X-Series Voice module.
  • The Xsms module.
  • Partition master user code.
  • User code output triggering.
  • Advanced remote/receiver learning mode and options.
  • IDSwift2
    1. Uploading of event logs
    2. Programming the X-Series panels
    3. Uploading of programming  for trouble shooing

Note. This training course will cover features and programming of the X-Series v2.7x which includes features and programming options that are NOT in earlier version of the X-Series control panels.