Network  Switches
IDS supply a range of Netgear Ethernet switches ranging from the most basic 4 port switch to 24 port POE switched with Gigabit Ethernet ports and GBIC slots for the addition of fibre connections.

Cable and connectors
IDS stock high quality Cat 5 UTP cable and RJ-45 connectors. Cabling cabinets are available on request.

PC’s and Servers
PC’s and Servers are built to order as per customer requests. IDS can assist you with the design of the optimum PC/Server environment to suit your IP Video Surveillance needs.

IDS stock a range of Seagate Surveillance hard drives. The Seagate Surveillance range of hard drives has been optimised for the unique needs of the surveillance industry in order to provide improved life and performance. Where storage requirements exceed what can practically be achieved insie the PC, an external storage system is required. IDS can provide, on request the Promise range of NAS and DAS appliances for this purpose.