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on Friday, 12 September 2014. Posted in News

IDS and Optex announce partnership

Today, Hi-Tech Security Solutions published the story of the IDS and Optex Partnership:

'IDS and Optex recently announced a partnership that represents a significant change in the security industry in southern Africa. In terms of the partnership, Optex has granted IDS the right to integrate its full range of wireless detectors into IDS’s X-Series range of alarm panels, and to distribute the product throughout the SADC region.'

To read the full article, please click the link to the article below:

IDS and Optex announce partnership

IDS and Optex in Partnership

on Wednesday, 03 September 2014. Posted in News

Introducing Xwave Technology by IDS

IDS and Optex in Partnership

The Xwave product launch is well on it's way having had two successful days in Cape Town this morning, and Durban yesterday.

The Xwave wireless technology designed and manufacturered in South Africa by IDS, has created much excitement.  For the first time in Africa, you can buy your favored Optex wireless detectors with transmitters pre-installed for a fully integrated out-the-box wireless solution.  Built for the X-Series panel range, Xwave technology offers seamless integration of the world's best wireless detection technology into Africa's best-selling alarm.

For further details, check out the website pages below:

Optex Wireless Detectors
Xwave Wireless Zone Expander
Xwave Wireless Door Mag


Feel the LOVE with these sweet offers

on Wednesday, 05 February 2014. Posted in News

From IDS Surveillance for the month of February 2014

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IDS adds value through offering free product training

on Thursday, 09 January 2014. Posted in News

In a recent article published on 1st January 2014 by Hi-Tech Security Solution, IDS discuss launching the online training website and exam accreditation.

Online training is offered to IDS account holding customers who will need to register at, and once the account has been approved, login and navigate to the online training website to begin.

Product training at branch level, or instructor-led training is still available, but there is an added convenience to the online training which is self paced, and has taken off in the time since launch with our customer based.

IDS have also introduced a course exam to be completed once the online training or branch instructor-led training at branch level has been completed.  A course certificate is automatically generated if a pass of 80% of more is achieved in the exam.

With introducing the exam certification, IDS hope to maintain a high level of experise within our installer based and monitoring customers.

For further details on the article, please click here:  Hi-Tech Security Solutions Jan 2014

For further details on the online training or online registration, IDS customers are welcome to contact their nearest branch to discuss, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New event log technology panel firmware and IDSwift2 release

on Thursday, 07 November 2013. Posted in News

If it’s hard for you to decipher, we understand why, and we’re doing something about it.

Event logs are an important record of activity, used by insurers, property owners and monitoring companies. It’s important that they are accurate, but because not all users are panel experts, the event logs also need to be easy to understand.

That’s why V2.3 of the X-Series will be released with an improved event log format, which includes several innovations intended to improve the usability and reliability of event logs.

These improvements are described in detail below:

#1 - User time stamping

Problem:   A common method for storing alarm panel events is to log them against a time relative to the most recent power up.  So, after each power up, the event log started the clock at 00:00:00 on xxx date. This is really useful if you know the time of the power ups, e.g. if you are reporting AC fail then restore, and can cross-reference to your control room event log.  If you’re not clear when that power-up was, it’s near impossible to work back with any certainty.
Solution: All events are now stamped with the user entered date and time, as displayed on the panel.

#2 - Time upkeep prompts

Problem:  Most users do not update date and time settings. With the new User Time Stamping feature, the user-entered date and time is an important point of reference.
Solution:  At power-up, the first X-series LCD keypad prompts users to update the time and date, and displays which menu options to use for this. The panel keeps prompting this action until it has been set.

#3 - Logging of date and time changes

Problem:  Unauthorised time and date entered into the panel for malicious intent.  
Solution: The panel now logs every change of date and time, and details of the user who made the change.

#4 - Test report

Problem:  If the panel loses complete power repeatedly, and the time and date is not reprogrammed, it is often impossible to cross reference the events on the panel log to the control room log in order to reconstruct the time of the events on site.
Solution: All test reports from X-Series panels now include a Test Report ID in the Contact ID string.  By cross-referencing the Test Report ID in the panel event log versus the control room event log, it is now possible to determine with certainty, when the test report on the panel was sent.  This therefore creates a time baseline for other events in that cycle.


IDS’ new event log technology revolutionises alarm panel event logs.

  • User Time Prompts ensure date and time are always up to date, and event-logging of all changes creates an un-bypassable audit trail.
  • User Time Stamping improves readability by recording all events against the actual time on the panel.
  • Unique Test Report ID allows for cross-referencing automated test reports in the panel log against control room logs with absolute certainty. 

Please login online at, visit the `Support and Training - Product Downloads` section to download the latest 2.33 version control panel firmware and IDSwift2 Up/downloading software (version

IDS National Roadshow

on Friday, 25 October 2013. Posted in News

The IDS National Roadshow has got off to a good start over the past week and a half.

The IDS Senior Management teams, along with Branch Sales Team and Technical Team members have hosted the Roadshow in several cities since late last week.  The first city to kick off the Roadshow was Bloemfontein on 16th October, with a great turnout and many good comments and positive feedback on the new products that were discussed.

The Roadshow hit Durban, PE and "The Mother City" Cape Town this week, with much the same response received at the Bloemfontein Roadshow.

Our travelling team have Johannesburg and Pretoria Roadshow dates scheduled for 29th, 30th and 31st October next week, ending with Nelspruit on 5th November and our newest addition to the IDS national footprint, Polokwane on 7th November.

We'll be officially launching our Roadshow products to all our customers in the first week of November 2013, with product available on shelves during the month of November 2013, just in time to get to your customers before the festive season begins.

For further details on the Roadshow, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                         


The Invisible Barrier - outdoor intruder protection

on Tuesday, 27 August 2013. Posted in News

An article published by Hi-Tech Security Solutions

Matt De Araujo, Head of Products at IDS, talks to Hi-Tech Security Solutions about outdoor intruder protection and the role wireless technology and correct product specification play in the expectations of the end user.

Click the following link to read the full article online at Hi-Tech Security Solutions: The invisible barrier

Look out for Sid's Support Forums on our website from August 2013

on Friday, 02 August 2013. Posted in News

SID - Our expert in technical support



IDS will be launching Sid's Support Forums this month, with a view of providing online assistance in terms of FAQ's and Tips & Tricks of all IDS products.

Look out for the launch mailer going out to IDS customers in the second week of August 2013.

IDS host a National Roadshow with AxxonSoft South Africa

on Thursday, 01 August 2013. Posted in News

As the local distribution partner of Axxonsoft South Africa, IDS recently hosted a national roadshow showcasing AxxonSoft's integrated security management platform. 

The roadshow took place in three major South African Cities, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town in July this year. 

Guest speaker Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Axxonsoft Business Development Director of Europe and Africa, along with Richard Hepplestone, Business Development Manager of AxxonSoft South Africa, met with over 120 industry players during the three days.

Feedback on the event and AxxonSoft's integrated security management platform were very positive, and IDS look forward to forging a stronger footing in the local market through partnering with Axxonsoft South Africa.

Visit AXXONSOFT NEWS for additional information.

Looking for something new, something that can really add VALUE to your business?

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Email for further details.

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